Advice for my Thesis

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Advice for my Thesis

Postby Aguero91 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:17 pm

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I need some informations about my research project for the experimental thesis in Neuropsychology.
Unfortunately, because of ineffective laboratories, my university does not offer a specific course on using SPSS, so I feel compelled to seek help from you, and I thank you in advance.

Explain briefly. My research includes a replication of Amy Cuddy's original experiment in 2010 on body postures and their influence.
In the original experiment, Cuddy evaluated the levels of testosterone and risk appetite following a 2-minute take-over posture that was half of the sample high in power and the other low-power half.

My research will be structured as follows:

Subjects: 50 (25M; 25F)
Age: 25 - 35 yo
Exclusion of Psychology students.
Work not important.

H1: Taking high or low posture posture for 3 minutes can affect and alter the skin conductance. Specifically, we assume that taking Low Power postures can increase skin conductance in response to increased stress experienced by the subject. In addition, we imagine that taking High Power postures can affect (induce) subjects in a gambling task.

1) Arrive in lab.
2) Signature of informed consent, Reward (€ 2) and explanation of the experiment: "Science of physiological recordings, particularly of the skin conduction, which focuses on how the electrodes above and below the heart level can affect the acquisition Of data."
We also explain that the subject will assume a precise posture to meet the guidelines of the experiment.
3) Compiling VAS for the mood and feelings of self-esteem.
4) GSR ​​Application and Measurement in Resting State. (About 10 minuts).
5) Taking the posture for 3 minutes (High or Low Power): NB: LEAVE THE SUBJECT ONLY IN THE ROOM.
6) 2nd GSR Measurement -> Change.
7) Compiling the VAS for mood and feelings of self-esteem.
"How Powerful and Powerful Do You Feel?" Step 1 to 5 -> Evaluate the Change.
8) Gambling Task: 2 € to win 4 €, or lose it all.
                  Do not bet and keep the 2€.
Game: "Head or Cross".
9) Compiling questionnaire on gambling to evaluate if some subject could be a gambler and so to exclude it from the study.

Obviously I would use Anova. But I would like to know how to put the various data into SPSS and above all how to use the SPSS tools to analyze the actual data.
Thank you very much for your help. I hope I have been clear and not too long.

Thanks again, soon.

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