What test should I run?

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What test should I run?

Postby TeacherWhoUsesSPSS » Wed May 31, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi everyone, really confused by which SPSS test I should run for my study. I have asked pupils at my school 30 questions at time point 1, and then 30 questions at time point 2, these questions are on a Likert scale (marked 1 as strongly disagree to 7 as strongly agree), and so I want to see if pupils will move up the scale from time point 1 and time point 2. I have roughly 200 responses typed up into the SPSS, however I'm confused as to how I can find out whether the pupils have moved up on the scale.

How can I do this? Also do I need to look at just averages or significance?

Further to this, I've also got roughly 100 responses from one year group, and another 100 responses from another year group. How can I use SPSS to see the differences in these two groups? Similarly I want to run the test with genders and see if there are any differences.

Thanks in advance!

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