Combining/merging 2 variables

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Combining/merging 2 variables

Postby Viktoria_spss » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:31 pm

Hi everyone,

I have two different variables (income_FR and income_BE), which contain the normalized income of people surveyed in France and Belgium (normalized income = income in $ / consumer price index). I would like to create a single variable (income_FR_BE) out of those two, which would contain all the values of income_FR and income_BE. Could someone help me on this issue?

To put it in context, I need to find out how attitudes of a person is linked to social status. One of the indicators that i use to describe social status is income. i need to divide respondents according to their income into 4 groups with low, medium low, medium high and high income. But afterwards i also need to compare these attitudes between 15 countries. The problem is that i can not make a comparison between countries, because low income in one country is not the same as in another. That is why i computed a normalized income in the first place for each country, which would allow me to compare income between countries. Then I plan to find the overall quartile, 50 percentile and 75 percentile, to use this value to divide my data into income groups.

Your help would be very welcome.


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