Help structuring data, repeated measures

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Help structuring data, repeated measures

Postby lostinspss34 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:30 pm

I'm sorry to be asking such a basic question, but I've been reading several tutorials and forums and still can't figure this one out. The data I have started out in an Excel file, it's similar to a patient evaluation. Each patient is evaluated by 2 nurses (out of a total of 6 nurses - that is, each patient is evaluated by a different pair) along 10 dimensions; there are about 150 patients. I want to know how reliable the evaluations are; I understand that I need to run Cohen's kappa to assess inter rater reliability, however, before I even get to that, I'm stuck at how to structure my data.

The data in the file has one patient and one nurse per row. So, each patient is evaluated by two nurses, but each pair of nurses is different, because this is a pool of 6 nurses.

From what I've read, in SPSS, each row is one case. So what I would want is the ratings from both nurses for each dimension to be in one row, correct? The image below is what I have instead.

So what I have is one row per nurse, per patient and all the dimensions in columns. How can make each patient have only one row? I know that I have to have new columns that are instead "nurse1dim1" "nurse2dim2", but is there a way I can automate data restructuring to end up with this, or do I have to do this by hand?
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Re: Help structuring data, repeated measures

Postby GerineL » Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:09 am

There is a restructure function under the data tab that can do that for you.

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