Should i be using 'multiple response'?

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Should i be using 'multiple response'?

Postby LNV » Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:24 pm


My thesis is about background characteristics of violent offenders. Some offenders have committed more than 1 crime, so there are different answers with every crime. Example: on the first crime a weapon was brought to the crime scene, but on the second crime there wasn't. On the first crime, the offender was 30, on the second he was 35 years old (etc).

How do I handle this in SPSS? The multiple repsonse option doesn't seem appropriate... I was thinking about creating separate variables (for example: weapon brought to crime 1, weapon brought to crime 2 etc) and then code missing value for those who have committed only one crime.

But I actually have no clue if this is the best way to do it... It would be GREAT if anyone could help me out on this! Thanx in advance!

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