Sunflower plot

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Sunflower plot

Postby markusmaier » Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:39 pm

i all!

I do miss the sunflower feature in SPSS v15, as it is described for older
versions, e.g:

www[dot]ats[dot]ucla[dot]edu[slash]stat[slash]spss[slash]faq[slash]jitter[dot]htm (see middle of page)
unfortunately i am not allowed to post links)

Using (manual) jitter is something I dislike (no, it is not the "workload"
to add some jitter - i just like the sunflower style way more than the
jitter style).

Is using R the only (free) altenative? Hints for other
free software (running under Windows XP) that allowes at least CSV import
for sunflower plots would be appreciated.

Many Greetings!


PS; Sorry, I'm not native English, please ignore grammar/spelling ;)

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