mixed repeated measures ANOVA

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mixed repeated measures ANOVA

Postby mkachl01 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:01 pm

Dear All,

I have a data set with two groups of participants - Group_A (anxious, not depressed) & Group_B (depressed, not anxious), out of which half of the participants in each group completed task in one of the two conditions (Training_1 & Training_2) at three different times (before, after and 1
month follow up after the training).

I am interested to see the effects of training across time for each of the groups, see relevant main effects and interactions, examine linear and quadratic contrasts, and perform simple effects analyses in SPSS.

I went to: Analyze-> GLM-> repeated measures; I defined Time(3) as factor, and Group & Training as my Between-Subjects Factors.

And after this I have no idea how to set up all the main effects, interactions and contrasts I want to see. I used to work on models with two Within-Subjects Factors, but not with two Between-Subjects Factors and I got stuck with this analysis.

The way I see it is either: (1) to conduct two separate analyses for the two groups (i.e. simple repeated measures ANOVA), or (2) to transform the data to get 4 groups (i.e. GroupA-Training1, GroupA-Training2, GroupB-Training1, GroupB-Training2; as this grouping mode seem to work only on Univariate not for Repeated Measures) and again run simple repeated measures ANOVA on it.

However, I seem to remember that there is a more simple way how to put it in SPSS.

I would appreciate your help.


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