RM ANOVA For longitudinal analysis?

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RM ANOVA For longitudinal analysis?

Postby tomvdm » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:58 am


I got a database consisting of 2 different kinds of companies. (This is represented by a dummy)
First type is about 200 companies(Who received external capital), second type about 1000 companies (who didn't receive external capital) . (For every one of type 1 there are 5 comparable companies of type 2)

For each company there is financial data collected (like sales, costs etc)

I want to investigate the impact of multiple variables on the growth of sales and see if there is a difference between the 2 types of companies, as in a different relationship. (This growth is measured for 4 years, for every year the growth is measured), next to that there are also some control variables.

I am planning to use a RM ANOVA for this, i now wonder if this is the best way to do so, and if I should take some things into account by using this method.

Initially i did a anova for the model for every year separately, so model to growth after 1 year, then model to growth after 2 years. However this does not look to the evolution of the growth. That's why i need a longitudinal study.

Thanks in advance

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